Eir mast set on fire in Cork City

A communications mast run by the telecoms provider Eir in Cork City was set on fire late Wednesday night.

The mast is near Apple’s European headquarters in Hollyhill. It is suspected that the mast was set on fire maliciously, as the masts had been the butt of a lot of speculation from 5G conspiracy theorists since they went up “overnight” in December.

Eir has confirmed that the mast is not being used for 5G coverage, but to improve 3G and 4G coverage for Apple and the campus of St Mary’s Health.

Last week, Facebook began removing posts by anti-5G campaigners calling for masts to be “burned down”. Some anti-5G activists on Irish Facebook groups have posted theories that the current Covid-19 pandemic was “preplanned” as a cover to allow for the speedier rollout of 5G.

Medical, regulatory and scientific authorities in Ireland, Europe and the UN have asserted that there is no adverse health effect from 5G, 4G or 3G mobile services.

Conor Hayes

Conor is a reporter for AllNews.ie. He covers a wide range of issues, including Irish politics, international news and the coronavirus. You can contact him by emailing .

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