Taoiseach defends deleted Fine Gael tweet

The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has defended a parody video posted by Fine Gael on Twitter that was deleted after significant backlash online. The video posted to Fine Gael’s Twitter account on Friday night depicted Fianna Fáil TDs running around Dublin city looking for policies, set to Benny Hill music.

Mr Varadlar defended the production as he confirmed that the party had taken it down because “some people thought it was silly and we want to make the same point in perhaps a more serious way”. He said the serious point was that Fianna Fail “has no serious policies and the party that purports to want to lead the next government isn’t offering anything serious in terms of the economy or housing or best.

When asked if Fine Gael are now the “nasty party” and adopting negative campaigning strategies, Mr Varadkar said: “No, not at all. We’re a very kind and caring party and we are the party that is absolutely committed to making our country a better place.

“I think a lot of people will recognise the progress the country has made in the last couple of years and we recognise that it is not enough and we want to build on that after this election.

“As is always the case in political debate – and all parties will do this – we will point out the flaws and shortcomings and lack of policies from other parties.

“We’re a week into this campaign and the main opposition party has had nine years to come up with policies and we have yet to see them and produce alternative policies.”

Matt Garza

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